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Science valleys


At present, five research centres are being developed in Lithuania. The term ‘valley’ has been used to describe an area of business potential which incorporates research, study and knowledge, concentrated in one place.

Studies + education + business = VALLEY: the core of economics and innovation in education, studies and knowledge giving the ability to compete at an international level

In these centres of education, studies and business students will be able to prepare final papers for a Bachelor’s and Master’s qualification and write their theses. They will be able to perform more extensive scientific research in the laboratories and they will also be able to get involved in academic and industrial activity. The upshot of all this is that students raise their qualifications and use the base of academic research more effectively.

 Specialisation of centres (valleys) of integrated education, studies and business

Valleys Specialisation of valley activity

Jūrinis (Klaipėda) 

  • Marine environment

  • Marine technology

Santaka (Kaunas) 

  • Sustainable Chemistry

  • Mechatronics

  • Future Energy

  • Information and telecommunication technology

Nemunas (Kaunas)

  • Agrobiotechnology

  • Bioenergetics and forestry

  • Food Science and Technology

  • Health and Safety studies

Santara (Vilnius)

  • Biotechnology

  • Molecular medicine and biopharmacy

  • Research of ecosystems and safe environment

  • Informatics and communication technologies

Saulėtekis (Vilnius)
  • Lasers and light technologies

  • Materials science and nanotechnologies

  • Quasi-conductors physics and electronics

  • Civil engineering


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