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In pictures: take a look at Lithuanian language and culture summer courses 2017-07-31


People from all over the world, including distant countries, such as Japan, United States, are gathering together this summer to say LABAS to each other and to learn Lithuanian – one of the oldest and most praised languages in the world.

The language and culture courses, which consists of language classes and includes games and songs, workshops, sightseeing tours and much more, are gaining huge interest each year and the numbers of international students, lecturers and researchers applying for Lithuanian state funded scholarships that fully cover the courses are increasing, according to the Education Exchanges Support Foundation. 

This year’s Lithuanian language and culture courses are organized by five universities in three Lithuanian cities – Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

Take a look at some memorable moments from Lithuanian language and culture courses hosted by Klaipeda University in the marine city (photos by Saulius Pagojus):


People from all over the world

Getting to know different cultures


Writing and drawing words and their meanings

"Būriuoti" is a Lithuanian word for "Sailing"

Playing basketball the Lithuanian style

And some folk games

Just having a good time...

Making a selfie

Marching down the streets during the Sea Festival

And enjoying every single moment


Please check for more information about Lithuanian language and culture summer courses


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